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Blue Arrow Consultants offers a variety of services to help you, your church, or your business plan, prevent, and prepare for an Active Violent Incident.

Tactical Classes for Concealed Pistol License holders: These classes are held at locations within the Mid-Michigan area and increase in complexity, and skill level. To maintain a safe, coordinated class environment, students must complete the classes in ascending order. Classes may also be hosted at a location of your choosing (cost varies).  To provide better instruction, class sizes are limited to ten people each.  Customized classes for house of worship security teams and armed corporate security teams are welcomed.  Students will be provided high quality pneumatic pistols that discharge a biodegradable projectile to use during the class.  No live weapons, ammunition, knives, or chemical agents are allowed in the tactical classes.  All students are subject to a physical inspection and metal detector search of their person prior to being allowed into the training environment.    

Our Programs

Beginner Tactical 

  • 4 hours of instruction 

  • $100 per student   

  • The class is geared toward a single person response to an AVI. 

    A. Safe and efficient pistol handling techniques.
    B. Threat identification and attacker indicators.
    C. Communication
    D. Foot work
    E. Movement to cover.
    F. Angles
    G. Tactical movements. Stimuli versus indicators. 
    H. Shot placement.
    I. Post Incident activities

Intermediate Tactical

  • 4 hours of instruction 

  • $100 per student    

  • The class is geared toward a two-person response to an AVI. 

    A-G from the beginner class are reviewed in an abbreviated manner.  (The basics are the foundation of sound tactics and should be practiced at every opportunity)
    H. Two-person team movements, communication, and coordination.
    I. Advanced shot placement skills
    J. Vehicle Borne Assaults.
    K. Public Transportation Considerations
    L. Post Incident Activities

Advanced Tactical

  • 4 hours of instruction 

  • $150 per student    

• The class is scenario based and involves the use of role players.  Cost is reduced if hosting class and you supply the role players.


A-G from the beginner class are reviewed in an abbreviated manner.

H.  Scenarios with role players.

I.  Post Incident activities

Home Protection Tactics

  • 4 hours of instruction 

  • $100 per student    

  • This handgun focused class is designed for an armed response to a home intruder.  No CPL is required to take part in this class.  Pneumatic handguns will be provided for students to use during the class.
    A.    Safe and efficient pistol handling techniques and firearm storage.
    B.    Threat identification and attacker indicators.
    C.    Communication
    D.    Foot work
    E.    Movement to cover.
    F.    Angles
    G.    Tactical movements
    H.    Shot placement.
    I.    Post Incident activities

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Other Services

Customized Response to an Active Violent Incident 

Utilizing a blend of the Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event (CRASE), and a site survey to include threat assessment elements, Blue Arrow Consultants can customize training for your employees or church congregation to help them better respond to an Active Violent Incident.  Cost varies upon scale and locale of venue.

Threat Assessments

Blue Arrow Consultants offers physical threat assessments for residential locations, commercial entities, and houses of worship.  Clients will receive a detailed analysis of their location to include what is being done correctly and what improvements could be made to improve safety and prevent or lessen the impact of an Active Violent Incident.  Cost varies upon scale and locale of venue.  Seeking a Threat Assessment for a school or daycare center?  Please contact us for helpful information.   

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Student Success Stories

"I run a team of 30 safety officers for our church. The training that we received from Blue Arrow is invaluable. This training really gives us the confidence and know how to serve and protect our church family.

I cannot recommend Blue Arrow enough."

Matt W.

"I took the Beginner Tactical Class and learned so much! Del is a very knowledgeable instructor with a-lot of wisdom, patience and encouragement. He makes you feel completely comfortable. I left with a whole new confidence I didn't know I had. Can't wait for the next class!"

Rebecca T.

"Your Beginner Tactical Class was great, top-notch. You taught a 70 year old guy how to shoot while moving in all directions, effectively use cover, how to enter and clear a room as well as what to target for effective results. You topped off the class by introducing plenty of stress at having to find and stop an active killer among several non-combatants then you had me run through all the post incident activities. Gentle critiques and "do-overs" to get it right were spot on. Our church safety team absolutely needs this training."

Ron F.

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