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Lead Trainer: Del Kostanko











Del is a life-long resident of Michigan, having been raised in the “Thumb” area where he learned to hunt
and fish at an early age. After high school, Del joined the United States Marine Corps where he served
as a Stinger Missile Operator. He was deployed worldwide as part of a Special Operations Capable unit.

After serving his country, Del attended Delta College where he received an associate degree in criminal
justice. Del then transferred to Michigan State University, where he obtained bachelor’s degrees in both
Criminal Justice and Psychology.

After graduating from college, Del was hired by the City of Lansing Police Department. Del’s
assignments began in the Patrol Division, and he eventually became a Field Training Officer for new
recruits. Del did two tours as an undercover narcotics detective, conducting investigations that varied
from street level crimes to large scale healthcare fraud investigations. He was a supervisor for the jail,
patrol shifts, and the Special Operations Section.

While with the Lansing Police Department, Del spent almost sixteen years as a proud member of the
Special Tactics and Rescue Team (START). He received training from some of the best “SWAT” trainers in
the world, and he took part in, or led, 350 documented “high risk” operations. Del was a firearms
instructor, range instructor, and a shoot house instructor. Del was a member of the Michigan Tactical
Officer’s Association and West Michigan Tactical Officer’s Association.

As a member of START, Del received FEMA training to conduct Threat Assessments. Del conducted
Threat Assessments upon numerous facilities, schools, buildings, and events for the City of Lansing. Del
retired from the Lansing Police Department with the rank of Sergeant.

In 2022, Del was hired as a contract employee by the State of Michigan to teach police officers how to
respond to Active Violence Incidents. Del recognized that tactical training for Concealed Pistol License
holders was very scarce, and expensive. In 2023, he formed Blue Arrow Consultants LLC to share his
tactical knowledge with CPL holders, with the belief that such knowledge could save the lives of CPL
holders, and save the lives of innocents, by more quickly resolving an Active Violence Incident. Del
believes that utilizing threat assessment knowledge to make a location more secure, and to prepare
people for what dangers may occur, can lessen the need for force, reduce the chance of physical harm,
and minimize liability.

Del currently resides in the Mid-Michigan area with his wife Jane, two dogs and two cats. In retirement,
he continues his love of hunting, teaching, and recreational shooting.

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